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Get InvolvedThe Indian Buddhist Revival has the potential to transform Indian society and demonstrate a new model for social change based on the values of tolerance, wisdom and compassion.

You are invited to help in this extraordinary Movement.  DharmaJiva is grounded in Buddhist values and practice, but these values are shared by many people from other religious traditions and ethical systems.  We welcome help from non-Buddhists as well as Buddhists.

There are many ways that you can help the Indian Buddhists
and Dalit people in their struggle:


One of the greatest challenges facing Indian Buddhists is their isolation caused by poverty and social oppression.   There is little opportunity for Indian Buddhists to learn about how the Dharma is practiced in other countries or come into contact with practitioners from outside of India.  Visitors are warmly welcomed, and provide a valuable source of encouragement, validation and support.

The best way to learn about the Buddhist revival and meet Indian practitioners is to take part in a tour like the ones offered by DharmaJiva.  If you are traveling to India independently, you can contact DharmaJiva for advice and information on how to contact local Buddhist communities.


Most of the Indian Buddhist community lives in great poverty, with many people working for less than a dollar a day.  Your contribution to DharmaJiva can help pay for classes, retreat centers, community centers and Dharma teachers.  A gift of $350 will support a student at the Nagaloka Center for an entire year!  Please note that DharmaJiva is run entirely by volunteers, and all of your donation will be applied to programs in India.


There are occasional opportunities in India for long-term volunteer work in education, medicine and language training.  If you are interested in helping out as a volunteer, please contact DharmaJiva for more information.


DharmaJiva would be happy to provide a speaker for your group or event.  Please contact us for more information.

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